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Pro Styles Wig Care Shampoo | 250ml

Pro Styles Wig Care Shampoo | 250ml

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Pro Styles Wig Care Shampoo | 250ml

Suitable for Use on Human Hair or Synthetic Fibre!

PH Balanced Keratin Shampoo leaves hair glossy, soft and fresh
Leaves your wigs and extensions smooth, glossy and manageable
By giving your wig a little TLC with the Pro Styles Shampoo, your wig will stay looking gorgeous and live for much longer!
Recommended by the Style team at Hair By MissTresses who have been using Pro Style products for over 10 years
Suitable for your own hair too!

Love your wig? Take a look at our Ultimate Wig Care Pack, for all of your wigs needs

*sorry but we are currently unable to offer this product for international delivery.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to care for your wig!

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