How To Fit A Lace Front Wig.

How To Fit A Lace Front Wig.

Key Takeaways:  

Preparation Proper scalp preparation is crucial for a secure and comfortable wig fit.

Application Method Understanding different application methods ensures a natural and flawless finish.

Maintenance Tips Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of the wig and maintains its appearance.

Styling Flexibility  Lace front wigs offer diverse styling options while maintaining a natural hairline.

Fitting a lace front wig correctly is essential not only for achieving a natural look but also for ensuring comfort and wig longevity. Whether you’re new to wigs or a seasoned pro, mastering the art of fitting a lace front wig can transform your experience. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps and tips to ensure your lace front wig looks flawless and feels comfortable.

We'll cover fitting a lace front for temporary wear first and go into more detail on longer term wear and human  hair fitting in our next editions.

Preparing Your Natural Hair and Scalp

  1. Clean Scalp: Start with a clean, oil-free scalp. If you have hair, ensure it is flattened and secured against your head. This can be achieved through braiding, a wig cap, or gel, depending on your hair length and type.

  2. Protecting Your Edges: Apply a scalp protector around your hairline to safeguard your skin and edges. This is especially important if you plan to use adhesives.

Choosing the Right Wig Cap

Selecting an appropriate wig cap is crucial for comfort and the overall look. Wig caps come in different materials and shades. Choose one that closely matches your scalp or skin tone for a more natural appearance there are foams and cap dyes available to tint wig caps and wig lace.


Applying the Lace Front Wig

  1. Test Fit: Before applying any adhesive, place the wig on your head to check the fit. Adjust the straps for a snug fit, ensuring the wig aligns with your natural hairline, check the ear and temple area for neat placement.

  2. Adhesive Application: If using glue, apply a thin layer along your hairline, then carefully place the lace front wig on top, pressing gently for a secure hold. For tape, apply the strips to the lace and then to your skin. If using a spray, point the nozzle about 2 inches from the hairline and spray sufficient to form a tacky texture or foam effect, semi dry this for a short period of hair dryer heat for extra adhesion.

  3. Trimming the Lace: Once the wig is secured, trim any excess lace that extends beyond the hairline. Use small, sharp scissors for precision, cutting close to the hairline without cutting the actual hair.

Styling and Maintenance Tips

  1. Styling: Lace front wigs can be styled in various ways, some have more depth and others a fixed central part, all can be restyled with differing results. Use heat styling tools cautiously starting at a low tempreature to avoid damaging the synthetic fibers, human hair wigs can take greater temperatures and duration but be careful not to over process your wig.

  2. Maintenance: Regular washing and conditioning extend the life of your lace front wig. styling sprays and glues can build ip on your wig so use products designed specifically for wigs to maintain their quality.

  3. Storage: Store your wig on a mannequin head or in a silk bag to maintain its shape and prevent tangling. If you are sleeping in your wig wear a sleep cap or wrap to hold the hair in place overnight.

By following these steps, you can ensure a secure, natural-looking fit for your lace front wig. Remember, practice makes perfect, the trim is a once only process and soon, fitting your lace front wigs will become second nature.

Next time we'll compare synthetic lace fronts to human hair and help you decide on your next wig

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