Hair Crown, Create Celeb Inspired Volume And Length, New In

Create celebrity inspired volume and length with our brand new Hair Crown half wig hairpiece!

Tired of backcombing and teasing your locks? This hair piece is great for an instant boost, wear in the daytime or evening for a glamorous and voluminous look. The piece is heat resistant and made with a style-able fibre, create endless looks with this brand new Hair Crown.

 With 10 shades to choose from, its easy to find your perfect match and start experimenting.

Hair Crown Hairpiece

Hair Crown


Begin by brushing back the hair on the crown of your head so that your parting is not visible, then arrange the 'Hair Crown Piece' at the back of your head where you find most comfortable. Simply clip the piece onto the crown of your head to give your hair a boost of volume.


- Slightly backcomb the section of your hair you will be covering with the Hair Crown as this will help with grip and stability when clipping it in

-To ensure your hair blends perfectly with the Hair Crown, put aside a section of hair at the back of your head to later put over the Hairpiece for a more natural look.

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