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DollsHead WigsTattoos & Wigs Essential Fashion For The Alternative Girl [or Boy]

The two couldn't be more opposite in their purposes, permanent markings of memories, people or places and instantly changeable hair colours and styles but, for many girls in 2018, tattoos and wigs are an essential fashion combination. An expression of individualism and street style that combine let the wearer tell their own unique story.

The rise of television 'famous for being famous' celebrity and the even bigger craze to be a social media fan or follower over the past 10 years has led many individuals to develop their own brand of anti celebrity style, in search of a unique look that stands out from the pout lipped brunette that was a fashion staple for the first part of the decade. Tattoos [and piercings] have become fashion accessories in their own right and hair shades have followed suit. As many of us know all too well, coloured hair dye is a costly, time consuming process hence wigs are now an affordable accessible alternative. While the selection, design and creation of a tattoo is permanent the choice of wig hair colour can easily change with the season, week or mood.

Wigs have never been more popular and the materials used in the making of quality wigs has improved immensely, not so long ago the term lace front wig was almost unheard of outside of the African American and stage communities, now every upcoming Drag Queen and social media influencer will have a selection of vibrant lace fronts to match their look. The DollsHead wig range has dozens of shades and, like tattoo colours, these are always being improved with new production methods and pigments. Creating your own bespoke fashion statement, telling a life story, inking memories and expressing your personality through colour dates back generations in many cultures and while tattoo trends have come on gone their popularity has never been more evident.

At Hair By MissTresses we've always been at the curve of wig fashion creating styles inspired by Lady Gaga as far back as 2008 Kesha in 2013 and Sia in 2016, our latest brand of bright and pastel shade wigs DollsHead Wigs is inspired by the anti fashion, non gender conforming, strong independent woman. We design with rebellion in mind, taking 70's punk trends and mixing them with 90's vivids all styled with volume and density that just doesn't come from hair colour in a bottle. Wigs have become lighter, synthetic fibres are now heat style-able and versatile.

You can see the latest hair colour shades for 2018 at www.dollsheadwigs.com and you'll also see us at many of the UK's tattoo conventions in 2018.

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