Wig Caps - A Hair By MissTresses Brief Guide.

Finding the right wig cap is the first step to getting a comfortable and secure fit under your wig. All wig caps provide a non-slip base to help prevent movement and natural oils transferring to the wig base. In order to get the most natural finish, you will need to buy the colour to best match your skin tone and hair shade of the wig you are purchasing.

Here's the Hair By MissTresses Quick Guide to choosing the right wig cap.


Fishnet Wig Cap | Pack of 3

Fishnet caps are the most breathable, due to the many holes in the material. They are also super stretchy, so are capable of holding a large amount of hair. Unlike a stocking cap, the fishnet has a slightly thicker band around the hairline, meaning it is best underneath a full cap wig.


Stocking Wig Cap Brown

A stocking cap feels exactly like it sounds- a pair of nylon stockings. It stretches over the head, easily containing larger amounts of hair securely. The band of the cap sits flush against the skin, which makes this the ideal cap to wear with a lace front wig.


Super Soft Nude Bamboo Wig Cap Perfect for Sensitive Scalps

Bamboo fibre wig caps are the best option if you have a sensitive scalp or suffer from hair loss. The bamboo material is super-soft and breathable; it also has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that will keep your cap hygienic and dry.

This cap is a slightly thicker material than others, so it is best suited to a full cap wig. 

You can choose your preferred cap from our selection of wig caps and wig care accessories,

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