Beauty Pageant Hairpieces

Beauty Pageant Hairpieces

Beauty Pageants have given us some serious household names over the years; from Olivia Culpo, Leila Lopes & Megan Young to name a few. Even some major A list celebrities started their rise to fame in beauty pageants including Katy Perry, Oprah Winfrey & even Justin Timberlake! Beauty pageants are on the rise here in the UK & we are struggling to keep our hairpieces on the shelves! Take a look at some beauty pageant girls favourites... 


A sleek sophisticated bun is a favourite among beauty pageant stars, our range of clip in & drawsting buns are easy to wear, long lasting & look incredible on stage. Top Tip: Judges love pageant girls rocking buns as it allows them to see your gorgeous faces on stage... 


Swish on stage! Slick those Tresses back & clip in one of these babies! Choose from a large range of clip in & drawstring attachment ponytails, long, short, wavy & straight! We have something to suit every stage outfit & performance act! Ponytails are great for pageant stars who will be performing or dancing on stage, they allow you to keep your hair out of your face whilst still giving a gorgeous glamorous look... 

TiHaira Crowns & Half Wigs

Our range of half wigs are a MUST HAVE for pageant girls! TiHaira's - as we call them will add glamour, volume & length to anyones natural hair. They clip in within seconds which makes them fantastic for quick backstage changes! 

Are you a pageant girl? Send us your snaps! @HairByMissTress

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