Colour HAPPY

Colour HAPPY

Always find yourself hunting through a wardrobe of darkness, trying to decide which black top to wear with which pair of grey jeans? No need for a colour wash in my household, dark will do just fine. I'm happy with the way I dress so it would be difficult to persuade me otherwise. However, it seems we may have been missing a trick...

Evidence shows that splashes of colour can indeed, make us happier

Jules Standish is the author of 'How Not To Wear Black'. Julie is a style and colour consultant who helps woman who are scared to stand out. And that with just a little injection of colour, our self-esteem and confidence can be boosted.

She quotes that: 

  • Research shows that colours can have a psychological effect, when we look at certain colours it triggers neurological responses in the brain, and causes the hypothalamus gland to release hormones'.
  • ‘Looking at warm, bright colours, such as red or pink, releases dopamine — known as the “feel-good hormone” — which can improve our mood, heighten the attention span and even boost our sex drive'.
  • ‘Cool blues, on the other hand, have been linked to the release of oxytocin, making you feel of calm'.

Now, perhaps like me, you're happy with your choice of outfits (although, we could always do with more!), and you're not prepared to make any drastic changes. Well why not add a splash of colour to your hair? Don't panic, I'm not talking permanent... I'm talking about something that's as easy to take on and off as your favourite black t shirt. Our new range of Dolls Head Wigs will give you more than just a splash of colour. Stand out & feel totally fabulous and put this theory to the test!

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